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Our Ad Streams


The most effective TV ads capture the heart of the brand and resonate with the target. As part of our advertising service, our creative producers discuss with you and develop a concept that delivers your brand and strikes an emotional chord with your audience.
We have an in-depth understanding of the market in buying and placing television commercials in the best media and target. We have experts who study TV ratings and viewership reports to buy air time that complements your budget and the goal of your campaign. Whether funny, heart-warming, or tear-jerking, our objective is to produce TV ads that communicate with your target and bring you super result.


1805 media marketing utilizes its detailed knowledge of the radio stations to maximize campaign exposure while staying within media planning budgets.
As an advertising agency, we work strategically with radio stations to deliver adverts that boost your business’ profitability and recognition.
Our focus includes consulting on media plans, and optimizing our clients’ radio media budget, while considering target audience, broadcast time, broadcast programme, and ad length. Our ads are done across all formats, markets and demographics.
From creative and production to planning and placement, we integrate seamlessly to deliver stellar radio plans, giving you the depth of talent,.


We do outdoor advertising with a difference. Our outdoor campaigns are wired to electrify your imagination and leave a lasting impression. We deploy our experience in making sure our client brands stand out in the market. We are creatively innovative in the ways we managing all aspect of OOH media. Our outdoor media cuts across the conventional billboards and other innovative outdoor advertising platforms. See list below

Billboards | Led Screen | Lamp post | Bridge panels | Rooftops | Bus shelters | Street furniture | BRT | Wall drops | Spectacular and more.

We have full Advertising memberships of relevant international and national outdoor organisations


Print has always been and will continue to be a very strong medium for brand-outreach.
We feel proud that 1805 media has years of experience in managing and delivering media solutions across print platforms for clients in a wide range of industries.
Be it B2B or B2C, we work out plans in all print media covering readership of each and every demographic.
As experts, we devise tailored plans using parameters such as: target audience demographics & preferences, regions to cover, readership and journals circulated in the target market, page positions on which your message should be put to maximize reach and thus increase response, among many others.
Our experienced team of media planners and buyers ensure you maximize the value from each penny spent in Newspaper, Magazine, Journals or any other print advertising medium.